College Full Season Whiteface/Gore Pass

For full-time college students

This item valid for ages: 13 through 99.998 The selected product is not available.
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$ 489.00


  • Whiteface
  • Gore


  • Full-time college student, proof of credits required

If you are visiting us tomorrow and want to use this product, do not purchase online. Please plan to purchase it with us in person. Our staff requires at least 24 hours to have your online order processed. A letter from the bursars office confirming 12 credits or more and a copy of student ID is required for purchase. You may email confirmation to or fax to 518-946-4346. 

Photos are required for all season pass products. We can accept good quality passport type digital photos in .jpg or .bmp formats via email to or upload your new photo now or have your photo taken at Whiteface and receive your pass in person.

Photo requirements have changed, so please review the following: 

  • New photos should be current; however, photos taken from last season may be used for the upcoming season
  • Photos should be full face, front view, with plain backgrounds - no other items should be in the photo with you.  We need to see your face clearly (facing the camera) suitable for a passport or driver's license, etc.  Photo must be the passholder only; no children, pets, sunglasses, goggles, hats, funny faces, props or prosthetics (ex: fake noses, mustaches, etc.)
  • Images must be no larger than 50kB; the recommended size is 320x240 pixels.

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